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System templates offer an integrated learning experience in the System Designer, nio's drag-and-drop user interface. Each template includes pre-built services and instructions to jumpstart your learning.

System template tutorials are designed for various skill levels and interests. The services in each tutorial will come in various states of completion: the remaining configuration is up to you! Tutorials can cover topics from System Designer basics to distributed logic to machine learning and more.

Launching a template is simple:

  1. Navigate to the System Designer.
  2. Click the add new system card on the screen.
  3. Enter a system name.
  4. From the template dropdown, select your desired tutorial and click accept.
  5. Your new system* will launch and you'll see your tutorial's instance in the left navigation.
  6. If you don't see any services, click on the instance name to reveal the template's pre-built services.
  7. Dive into the services and start learning!

*Tutorial systems count towards your plan usage quotas.

Current templates

Check out our current templates and choose your next learning experience!

Mobile phone demo

This system template is the best starting point for all new users. Quickly connect your mobile phone as a sensor in a pre-built nio system, no software dowload necessary.

The mobile phone template teaches the basic concepts of nio, the System Designer, and stream signal processing. It includes three services of incremental complexity and a pre-built UI to visualize signals from your system.

Concepts covered: System Designer basics, cloud instances, streaming signals, thresholds, notifications

Virtual plant demo

nio is at it’s best when it is distributed across multiple, distinct devices in a system. The virtual plant template is designed to jumpstart your first distributed computing experience with nio.

This tutorial requires the install of a local nio instance. Connect your local instance to a cloud-based UI and configure several services to automate the watering of a virtual plant. It follows the same instructions as the virtual plant workshop and can be completed as a system template or a stand-alone workshop.

Concepts covered: local instances, automation, cloud APIs, data storage, notifications

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