nio 101

[info] Prerequisites

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The goal of these nio 101 workshops is to introduce you to some of the most important concepts of the nio Platform using simple, real-world scenarios. After the completion of the nio 101 workshops, you will be empowered to create solutions from the trillions of signals around you.

The nio 101 workshops build upon each other and should be completed in the following order.

  1. RESTful API
    • Obtain and format news data from a RESTful API.
  2. Streaming API
    • Obtain data from Twitter's streaming API.
  3. Merging streams
    • Merge two streams of data together and identify trends within that data.
  4. Data analysis
    • Detect outliers in historical stock data.
  5. Database insertion
    • Insert tweets into a Firebase Database.
  6. Database modification
    • Translate stored tweets from English to French.

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