Virtual plant workshop

This workshop walks you through a pre-built example of a distributed system using an instance of nio that is installed and running locally on your computer.

Distributed computing is a new concept for most. It can be challenging for new users to conceptualize these systems and their value. We hope this real-world example helps you see the variety of ways nio can be applied to your own use cases.

This workshop should be completed in the following order:

  1. Setup
    Set up your distributed system and water your virtual plant manually.

  2. Solution #1: data storage
    Use data storage to understand when your plant will probably need to be watered.

  3. Solution #2: thresholds and notifications
    Set thresholds and receive notifications to know exactly when your plant needs to be watered.

  4. Solution #3: automation
    Build automation logic to free you from the crushing pressure of ceaseless notifications and an ever-growing resentment borne of constantly having to water your plant yourself.

  5. Extra Credit: weather
    Add a third-party weather API to your system so you don't water when nature's doing it for you, saving the planet for future generations who will never have to know your pain.

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